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Samuel Poidevin
My commitment, improve agriculture

Who I am

Fascinated since my youth by agriculture, I helped my father on the family farm before discovering agriculture more broadly.
What I did

After agricultural studies, I worked on farms and teach before leaving to the United States. English, applied research, university ... that's what I kept. After a trip to sale in Romania, I went back to school to get an engineering degree in plant sciences. Laboratories, experimental fields and recently the management of agro-pharmaceuticals projects are part of my journey.
What I want to do

Today, I continue to specialize in the plant area to improve (health of) plants, with or without use of new technologies. The crucial challenge for the coming years is to get a crop pathogen free (or at an inoffensive level for human health). The means to put in place: prophylactic and / or curative.

The challenge : communication

The future : research
Looking for someone who like agriculture, research, as far as new technologies, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss about it.
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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Career path in Research path

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2015 - Scientific evaluator - A.N.S.E.S., Maisons-Alfort (94)
Mission : Analyse et criticize in a scientific way the efficacy data of the draft registration report by phytopharmaceutical company

- Evaluate the data included in the dossiers filed as part of the part of European community and French authorization procedures
- Analyse and criticize the proposed data based on current state of scientific knowledge and European rules
- Write in English registration report when necessary
- Establish on this basis a summary report in French or English on the efficacy part of the dossier
- Contribute to the preparation of the decision
- Participate in technical steering committee and scientific expertise committee to present and defend the decision presented in the notice

2014 - Head of pest trial division - Heliantis, Saint-Paul-lès-Romans (26)
Mission: Management of the activity "crop-science trial and plant nutrition", from management of two field agronomists, client trial visit, to trial summary reports

- Lead and coordinate the "phytosanitary trials, health and plant nutrition" activity.
- Reorganize the service and allocate tasks to technicians.
- Managing the team of 2 field agronomist.
- Check the knowledge of technicians and field work.
- Audit the equipment used during the tests.
- Contact customers and meet their demands.
- Achieve quotes to meet customer requirements.
- Identify possible future business prospects.
- Writing protocols and control products for testing.
- Notation during peak periods.
- Visit of trials with customers.
- Validate the observations and analysis of results.
- Write in English reports and send the results to clients.

2013 - Project manager - Philagro, Saint-Didier (69)
Mission: product portfolio management and design of the overall program evaluation, direction, registration, and development.

- Design of the overall program and development of trial protocols.
- To conduct the experiment intern and by contractor, sign quotes and invoices.
- Coordination of trials in France with field teams for team involvement.
- Disclose the terms of ADE (including the destruction of harvest) and information COLEOR to experimenters.
- Coordinate with SCAE, SCC, NCI, NNC, donors of active substances, to optimize costs and delays.
- Manage product samples (supply, distribution, ...).
- Responsible for the quality of the experimental network through regular monitoring of the program and trial visits.
- Analyse and synthesize the results; communicate them clearly and accurately.
- Work with marketing to assess the business potential of new active substances.
- Constitution of the biological section of the registration dossiers comply with regulatory requirements.
- Documentation, archiving, …
- Validate the technical recommendations (labels, data sheets, other documents).
- Provide answers to technical sales representatives, customers, users on technical issues. - Maintaining contact and relationships with authorities for agronomic, participate in the CEB to the AFPP and other Committees of the AFPP.

2012 - Field agronomist - Staphyt, Dame-Marie (37)
Mission: Setting up field trials and data acquisition.

- Monitor compliance on instruments and laboratory equipment, condition of samples, materials, and products.
- Define the rules for selection of farms and making contact with farmers.
- Collect crop data.
- Conduct experiments (crop trial, pesticides, …) according to the protocol. - Monitoring plots.
- Use of sprayers.
- Identify measures in the manner specified in the protocol (plants and insects).
- Soil Sampling.
- Enter the results in the ARM software.
- Report the results obtained to the person in charge.

2011 - Coordinator and project manager - Arvalis, Boigneville (91)
Mission: Design of innovative techniques for protecting wheat against leaf diseases.

- Understanding of the subject.
- Implementation of innovative protocols and improving some other protocols.
- Measurement of physical parameters of the culture (with the number of tillers, number of ears / m², number of leaves, distance between foliar story, ...)
- Application of pesticides and dyes.
- Measurements of the dye deposits on the leaves and analyzed by spectro -photometry or -fluometry according to the dye.
- Measurement of the appearance kinetics of Septoria leaf blotch.
- Statistical analysis and interpretation of results.
- Verification of theories against the practical results on the interception of phytosanitary spray.

2010 - Study engineer - University of Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)
Mission: Characterization of the mode of action of a natural defense stimulator from Glycyrrhiza glabra.

2009 - Laboratory Technician - L.M.P.E., Calais (62)
Mission: Gene defence expression of wheat in response of natural defence stimulator.

2006 - Field agronomist - G.A.B., Gertwiller (67)
Mission: Setting up field trials and collecting sample.

2004 - Research assistant - H.R.C., Victoria (MN, USA)
Mission: Selection of new apple varieties.

Career path in Sales

2007/2008 - Sale director B to B - Pepiniera Val d'Yerres, Ghimpaţi (Giurgiu - Roumanie)
Mission: Extend network and sale (B to B), manage 7 persons in production.

2005 - Sale supervisor, B to C - Wagner's greenhouse, Minneapolis (MN - U.S.A.)
Mission: Supervised sale of hanging basket (lead a team of 2) and managed stock.

Career in agriculture

2002 - Ag technician - Substitute service, Hazebrouck (59)
Mission: Replace a farmer who wants or is forced to temporarily leave his farm (or help in case of work overload).

Since 1992 - Farm Aid - Family Farm, Millam (59)
Mission: Help with field work during weekends and holidays.

Farm of mixed (wheat, barley, sugar beet, flax, coffee chicory) with a hog and dairy shop.







Technical knowledge 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 5 sur 5
Range of experience 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 5 sur 5
Project management 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 4 sur 5
Management 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 4 sur 5

Adaptability, versatility
Open minded


French - Mother tongue 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 5 sur 5
English - 18 month in U.S.A. 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 4 sur 5
Romanian - 12 month in Romania 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 2 sur 5 2 sur 5 2 sur 5


A.R.M. software 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 4 sur 5
Integrated management software 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 3 sur 5 3 sur 5
Statistics 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 3 sur 5 3 sur 5
Internet language (HTML/CSS) 1 sur 5 2 sur 5 3 sur 5 4 sur 5 4 sur 5


Improving website

Creation of a smartphone application


Taste for the discovery of any new activity
2015 Member of AFPP French Association of Crop Protection
4 players, 144 tiles, one wall, one strategy: Mah-jong !
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